Fun Wire Instructions

General instructions and tips:

Use nail clippers, craft scissors or wire cutters to cut wire.

Wind wire around a pencil, toothpick, dowel, spoon handle or other round object to create coils.  When winding wire around fingers make sure to not wrap tightly.

Bend in wire ends with fingers, push down onto protected hard surface, or use pliers to bend ends down.

Twist or wrap 2 or more strands of wire together to create a larger, stiffer piece of wire.

Working off the coil: Unwind a section of wire off your wire coil to work with but do not cut the wire off until instructions tell you to.  This saves wire and allows for size variables.

In most cases you will need to leave a wire tail at the beginning of a project that is 2”-5” long.  The wire tail or free end is used to wrap and secure the wire later in the project.

Substitute any color of wire you desire, be imaginative.

Substitute any beads or buttons you have around for those used in projects.  Recycle broken jewelry or reuse buttons off of old clothes.

Measuring tape is helpful.


PolyClay Bonding Instructions:

Can go in an oven up to 265℉ for 30 minutes.

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