This issue does not occur on Windows 8.x clients. For more information, see VMware Knowledge Base article 65142: On Windows 7 client systems, you cannot use the Windows Media MMR feature with videos that use Dolby AC3 audio. Horizon Client for Windows 5.5 | 15 October 2020. Workaround: Upgrade the operating system by installing Windows 8.1 Update. If you are using location-based printing, you can resolve this issue by closing and reopening the application's print dialog box. Anytime the client connects, it can use any one of the addresses. Virtual printing might not work if you connect to a remote desktop using RDP, open Horizon Client on the remote desktop, launch a nested application session, and then log off and log back in to the desktop. VMware Horizon は、仮想化基盤ソフトウェアのデファクトスタンダードである vSphere を開発している VMware 社の製品であり、vSphere との密連携することで、次のような特長を持ちます。 When you use the Flash redirection feature to play a video, if you click the Ad link at the bottom of the screen or the More Info link in the Flash player, the advertisment page does not pop up and the playback pauses. The printers shown within applications are correct, however. If you select Connect USB Device > Automatically Connect at Startup for a camera, Horizon Client stops responding when you start the remote desktop. The number provided before each resolved issue refers to the VMware internal issues tracking system. Workaround: Wait for the USB devices to be redirected back to the client machine (for example, wait for the devices to appear in the device manager) and then reconnect to the remote deskop. On Windows 10, Windows Fax and Scan hangs when using a CardScan 800 device. Workaround: Establish a connection to the remote desktop without using a Unified Access Gateway appliance, or disable virtual printing and establish a connection using RDP. VMware Horizonは、仮想デスクトップをはじめとするエンドユーザーコンピューティングソリューションの全てを網羅しています。 管理者はHorizonによる中央集中管理が可能になり、ユーザはあらゆるデバイスから、デスクトップ、アプリケーション、コンテンツ等を利用できます。 When you use the Flash redirection feature to play a video on some websites, such as, you cannot exit full-screen mode because the Exit Full Screen button does not appear in the Flash player toolbar. If you install Horizon Agent and then install Horizon Client on the same Windows machine (a nested mode installation), and you later uninstall Horizon Agent, the client's "log in as current user" function is lost after Horizon Agent is uninstalled. Workaround: Reset the application on the remote desktop. Workaround: Use third-party software to limit the bandwidth.