If empty, users who clicked any URL in the message are added to the list of recipients. Because of the height limitation for confirm template messages, the lower part of the text display area will get cut off if the height limitation is exceeded. The request HTTP method is known by the server but has been disabled and cannot be used for that resource. For the steps to transfer your account, see the Help articles below: If you don't receive the verification code via text message, try resending it or selecting, For details about the Call me instead option, see, To use LINE for PC, you need to register an email address on the smartphone version of LINE. Arbitrarily generated UUID in hexadecimal notation (example: 123e4567-e89b-12d3-a456-426614174000). none doesn't round the corner while the others increase in radius in the order of listing. The server refuses to perform the request. Confirm that your account or plan is authorized to access the resource. The direction of the linear gradient rotates clockwise as the angle increases. For more information, see Offset in the Messaging API documentation. This array is used to keep track of each attempt to add new user IDs or IFAs to an audience for uploading user IDs. Max character limit: 300. However, bubbles with no body will not change height. It is a reserved status code and is not used anymore. GET https://api.line.me/v2/bot/insight/message/event?requestId={requestId}. The body of each bubble will stretch to match the tallest bubble in the carousel. You can use rich menu images with the following specifications: You cannot replace an image attached to a rich menu. Free space between the borders of this box and the child element. Before you execute this endpoint, please check whether all the user IDs specified in the audiences property of JSON are valid. Free space between the border at the upper end of this box and the upper end of the child element. Background color of the image. Set an icon, label, and message action that describe a food category to each of the first and second quick reply buttons. Creates an audience for uploading user IDs. To confirm all images display properly, access the image URLs. Include this parameter to get the next array of user IDs. Height of the rich menu. See bounds object. The method by which to adjust the text's font size. This JSON data will be drawn as below on the user device. 2. Before you execute this endpoint, please check whether all the user IDs specified in the audiences property of JSON are valid. One of: The request ID that was specified when the audience was created. The user has sent too many requests in a given amount of time (“rate limiting”). To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. The rich menu represented as a rich menu object. Which Gate set can be used to perform given function? Specify the audience when sending narrowcast messages. The default icon is displayed because the. Max character limit: 400. You can create an audience. You cannot use these actions with the other message types. Returned from the server through a webhook. A message informing the same request has already been accepted. The image is rendered in this drawing area. This number only includes users who are active on LINE or LINE services and whose demographics have a high level of certainty. The client does not have access rights to the content. Product ID for a set of LINE emoji. The length of the request body in octets (8-bit bytes). JPG, JPEG, or PNG The retry key is valid for 24 hours after attempting the first request. JSON object which contains the contents of the message you send. If the video isn't playing properly, make sure the video is a supported file type and the HTTP server hosting the video supports HTTP partial requests (range request). Starting August 15, 2019, updated versions of the Messenger app will no longer render Location quick reply. The amount that appears under My Coins will include your LINE POINTS converted to Coins. The response can be found under a different URI and SHOULD be retrieved using a GET method on that resource. User ID. Alternative text It is aimed for using in the digital payment systems. For more information about the LINE URL scheme, see Using LINE features with the LINE URL scheme. When a control associated with this action is tapped, the string in the text property is sent as a message from the user. Gets the number of messages sent with the /bot/message/multicast endpoint. However, the statistics will not include the number of times the user with a LINE version subject to the limit opened the messages sent during this period. This lets you filter recipients with a given range of friendship durations. The user taps one of quick reply buttons. One reason this may appear is if the user ID specified does not exist. To send a text message, include the text in a message object. null is returned for any other type of audience. Any way to watch Netflix on an iOS device running outdated software? If you change devices, you can keep using your existing LINE account by transferring it to your new device. Introduction. You can get the user in room count even if the user hasn't added the LINE Official Account as a friend or has blocked the LINE Official Account. Easy registration with your LINE Account. Default: #FFFFFF (white), Message text Not included in the response if the user doesn't have a status message. This is a container that contains quick reply buttons. Free space between the border at the right end of this box and the right end of the child element.