Everyone crowded around with one friend on speakerphone. High quality. You can connect to two devices—and the speaker remembers the eight most recently connected devices. The speaker has a wireless range up to 30 ft (9 m). soundlink mini bluetooth speaker iiは、豊かでナチュラルなサウンドと深みのある低音をお届けします。超小型で耐久性に優れ、スマートフォンやタブレットとの接続も簡単なポータブルスピーカー。 For SoundLink Micro, we’ve stretched beyond the required testing parameters—in this case an IPX7-rated product—to ensure that your speaker will long outlast an accidental drop into water. Follow instructions found in the app. While not playing music, much of the SoundLink Micro’s battery charge can be recovered in approximately 4 hours when using a USB power source of 1 amp of current. It’s IPX7 rated. Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speakerを、価格.comに集まるこだわり派ユーザーが、デザイン・品質・音質など気になる項目別に徹底評価!実際のユーザーが書き込む生の声は何にも代えがたい情報源で … Just pull it out and hit play. And when loud just isn’t loud enough, turn it up with Party Mode to play two wireless speakers simultaneously. There was no need to have misgivings as I absolutely feel this speaker is worth the money. It’s easy. However, the quality of the experience—specifically, synchronization between audio and video—may be compromised due to various signal processing technologies implemented in the speakers. They struggle to hear you. With typical usage, the SoundLink Micro battery lasts up to 6 hours. If you are looking for a bluetooth speaker that works great in a small office as well as larger rooms in your home, this speaker will not disappoint. We want to hear how it’s making your adventures even better. Wherever you’re headed, SoundLink Micro is designed to tag along. FREE STANDARD SHIPPING FOR ORDERS OF $50 OR MORE, AND FREE RETURN SHIPPING. Performance can be affected by obstacles such as walls, interference from Wi-Fi or other wireless devices. No. Toss one in my tool box with my phone while I work, construction. If you wish to answer the call through the SoundLink Micro, simply press the multi-function button to answer the call. That’s because we didn’t rely on the outer shell to keep water from getting in. It’s portable performance—for all the places you want to be. First, they provide guidance during the Bluetooth pairing and connection process. Second, they identify the connected source devices by text to speech, simplifying usage with more than one source device. Voice prompts talk you through Bluetooth pairing. I hear instruments/sound coming from this speaker that are not audible in those other speakers. This means that you can use SoundLink Micro in more places and not worry if it gets wet. When it comes to waterproofing, we wanted to make a speaker that not only performs the first time you get it wet—but every time you get it wet. The SoundLink Micro speaker is small, but powerful. You can now talk into the speaker itself to conduct your phone call. Super rugged and waterproof. All while still giving you up to 6 hours of music that’s deep, rich and full of life. Accidents happen. We designed a speaker that keeps pace with all of your adventures and delivers unmatched sound for its size. I put 1 in each back pocket when I'm screwing around like a clown. Instead, we used materials like silicone to create a seal around the technology inside. The primary method to enable Party Mode—and Stereo Mode, too—is through the Bose Connect app. Don’t worry. You’ve seen it before. 1 for a gift because I love these things. Charging from alternate USB power sources, or when playing music, may take longer. Want to listen to the same music in different rooms at the same time? Share your photos on Instagram with #SoundLink and tag @Bose. You can always group two or more Bose Home Speakers together — and now, with Bose SimpleSync™ technology, you can also group a Bose Home Speaker with a Bose SoundLink Bluetooth and play them both in perfect sync. Other speakers may have a battery that plays a little longer, but ours has one that plays a lot more of the bass you want to hear.